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SalesVision CFO & Co-Owner

SalesVision CFO & Co-Owner Vincent M. Ortega is The Father Of President & CEO Vincent Ortega.

Your SalesVision Chief Financial Officer & Co-Owner Vincent M. Ortega is currently serving as the Executive Director of Jackson County COMBAT.  Jackson County Combat is a very well established, first of it's kind, 30 year old innovative, and highly successful initiative, that funds Anti-Drug and Anti- Violence programs throughout the County.

Retired Deputy Chief Ortega brings to COMBAT his experience as a highly respected law enforcement executive and community leader. 

Prior to joining COMBAT Vincent M. Ortega served as the National Security Specialist for General Electric’s Homeland Protection Division, where he was a Domain Expert, providing strategic counsel on evolving security challenges facing private businesses and government organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

Before joining the security firm, Vincent M. Ortega acquired a significant record of accomplishments throughout his illustrious 30 year career in law enforcement that elevated him to the rank of Deputy Chief of the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department.

Colonel Ortega's career assignments included Executive Officer to the Chief of Police, Commander of the Patrol Bureau, Homeland Security, Intelligence Unit, Internal Affairs, Violent Crimes Division, Human Resources, and the Drug Enforcement Unit.  During Colonel Ortega's prestigious career, he's been the recipient of more than 70 awards and commendations.  

Retired Deputy Chief Ortega holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Park College and a Master’s of Public Affairs degree from Park University.

Integrity and his emotional intelligence are key characteristics that have made Colonel Ortega the successful leader that he is today.    

Colonel Ortega possess leadership qualities that have enabled him to delegate and oversee annual budget operations that have exceeded over $250,000,000 effectively.

Know, with 100% certainty, that SalesVision's financials will be managed, handled & distributed appropriately and effectively.

Retired Deputy Chief Ortega enjoys his time off boating as one of his favorite hobbies.   All SalesVision members are welcome aboard his 40ft' Yacht anytime you are in town!
“If You Are Looking To Start or Grow A Business Then You Need Our Digital Marketing Agency To Create Your Sales & Marketing Prospect Magnets.”

Who: SalesVision's Digital Marketing Agency Has Decades Of Experience.
What: We'll Help You "Paint The Digital Picture" Behind Your Potential Customers Mind.
When: Start or Grow Your Business In Less Than 60 Seconds After You Go Apprentice.
Why: You Will Generate Leads For Your Business By Playing Our Live Video Game.
How: Enter The Lead Generation Business Video Game When You Login Today.
Prizes: You Will Earn Legacy Rewards Points To Win Gifts, Prizes & Daily Giveaways.

When SalesVision CEO Vincent Ortega decided to sell his extra home in Kansas City, he was of course going to shoot his own RealEstate video. This video was responsible for immediate offers of his home.

The RealEstate video you see above was directed by Vincent Ortega and shot by his SalesVision team just a few months ago.  
Vincent Ortega
Telling My TRUTH Changed My Life
People Need To Feel Your Heart & Soul Through The Screen
This video you see here was shot a few years ago and it completely transformed Vincent's business because people could finally tell how much he cared about their success through the digital screen.
Here is The Video That Created Our Latest Stories
So a couple months ago Vincent asked his audience if they would like to shoot a professional story video with his SalesVision digital marketing agency at the event...
Casey, Sherry, Betsy: Story Video SalesVision
The Three Chosen Ones
The Story Videos Our Digital Marketing Team Created 
The videos you see here are the chosen ones of the applications that Vincent's SalesVision team accepted for the live event Vincent attended a few weeks ago.

Vincent chose these clients applications because he could tell they were ready to bring their heart and soul to the presentation.

When you are creating professional story videos to share your message & truth with the world, you need to be ready, willing & open to let your heart set free through the digital screen.

Vincent was the director of these videos and asked the clients every question you see here in these videos.

Vincent brought his camera men around the Vegas strip with the clients and setup all of the shots you see here in the videos. 

Vincent always makes the experience effortless and enjoyable.
You’re Invited! 🎉🥂🍾
Our Exclusive Black 
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 At SME, we believe the fun you have is just as important as the money you make...
 Hang out with other event attendees
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 2 Drink Tickets Inluded
SalesFunnel's Are The Only Reason You Will Become Successful Capturing Leads & Sales Online Fast.
The Flip Products Fast video that you see above "teases" the prospect to "enter their email on the website" if they want more information about how to flip products fast online.
Your Sales Funnel Will Capture Leads, Sell The Leads Without You 
Online sales and marketing funnels can be very expensive and very tricky to setup for your business.  

Most entrepreneurs who start to build a sales funnel realize that it's a lot more time, effort and money than anticipated.

The best thing you can do as a brand new business owner, or someone who wants to start a business is, "tap into" sales funnel's that already exist, meaning, sales funnels that are proven to already work and produce results.
Business Family
The SalesVision Business Family Will Support You Every Step Of The Way!
Growing Business Family
Our business family is growing by 100's of people every single day.  

When you finish your free business evaluation we will show you where you can go to immediately hangout with thousands of entrepreneurs inside of our SalesVision family.

You can ask questions and get answers from all of our SalesVision Pros.
Supportive Business Family
What really separates our family apart from the majority of communities online is that you won't find there is any competition with our family in terms of people trying to beat each other at a race or a Sales game.

We are all in this SalesVision together and while competition is healthy, we make sure it's a supportive and healthy competition inside of our community.

SalesVision COO & Co-Owner

Your SalesVision COO & Owner Gillian Ortega IMMIGRATED to the USA in 1979 with a dream in her heart of living in the richest, freest country in the world. 

She only had $20 in her pocket BUT she had a “DREAM!” She believes 100% If God has given you a DREAM he HAS given YOU the ABILITY TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM. But the doors of Opportunity are MARKED PUSH!

Her Beginnings were meagre at best, Nanny, Waitress and once her Prince Charming asked her to marry him, she tried out from a radio ad to be an NBA Cheerleader without any prior experience. You see she had a NEED… earn the $ to buy her WEDDING DRESS. When YOUR “Why makes you Cry…I believe the SKY IS THE LIMIT!” Look for the “GOD WINKS, Gillian will always share with you!”

The NBA Cheerleading SQUAD selected her because they said with her “infectious enthusiasm about life and work ethic she was coachable and trainable.” She cheered for the NBA Kansas City Kings for 3 years before the Team relocated to Sacramento and are now renamed the Sacramento King’s. 

She Married her Prince Charming a few years later and YES she earned the money for her Wedding Dress. 

She went to College for Computer Science and landed a job in Systems operations before graduation, running and operating the IBM System 36 from 1981-1987 for a Major Company in Kansas City. 

Gillian and her husband Vince had their first and only child in 1985, a son Vincent Ortega. 

When Mary Kay entered her life, as everything she has done since arriving in the USA she focused on it 100% to earn $ to leave her Corporate Job behind in pursue of a Career where she could work out of home and raise her son. The rest is History. She gives GOD all the Glory. 

She earned 14 cars with Mary Kay, including 13 pink Cadillac’s. 

She earned the title National Queen’s Court of Sales her first year as a Director and earned her First Diamond Ring along with her Unit reaching the $450,000 Unit Club all in her FIRST full year as a Sales Director!
As a New Director she earned the title of “Head Of Her Class” as she blazed the train to the the #1 spot in her Director Class of 250 Director’. As a result she earned a private 2 Hour Dream Casting session with Mary Kay in Dallas. It was one of the Highlights of her journey to Success. 

For Gillian many nuggets of Wisdom were shared with her by Mary Kay in that God Ordained moment….this by far was one of my favorites and so true. 

“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps!”

Mary Kay’s philosophy was all about “People & Love - NOT Profit & Loss!” When I left that day I was more focused than ever before to make her PROUD of my FUTURE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. 

Gillian was in the top 10 at her seminar FOUR times.  

She led her unit to the Million Dollar Circle Of Excellence FOUR TIMES and made History as the First and Only Million Dollar Director in Kansas City, Missouri. She still holds that record as we write her Accolades. 

She was RUNNER UP to the QUEEN OF UNIT SALES reaching over 1.1 Million Dollar’s in Sales that year and earned a STUNNING Diamond Bumble Bee for that achievement along with a 5 carrot diamond ring and a Prestige all expense First Class LUXURY Trip. 

She reached the following Units clubs each year as a Director $450,000, $500K twice, $600K, $650K Twice, $800K, $850K and 3 times the MILLION DOLLAR UNIT CLUB! Her Highest year was 1.1 Million. Her Unit combined reached over $6,100,000 in Sales in her Role as a Director. 

She has earned incredible rewards that go with those Unit Clubs with 21 all expense paid trips around the world…to Hawaii twice, Switzerland, Vienna, France, Venice Italy twice, Milan twice, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Greece, China, Venice, Australia, England & Ireland and an all EXPENSE paid trip this year on a Private Charter Cruise (The Silver Sea’s) Around the GORGEOUS Coastline of Spain and France. 

This year in 2019 she earned an EXCLUSIVE NSD trip as Mary Kay Chartered a SHIP just for NSD’s & Their Husbands to Cruise around the Mediterranean, starting out of Portugal, Spain. In 2020 they will head on an all expense paid trip on a Private Charter (“The Silver Sea’s) on a cruise to the GORGEOUS country of Alaska all expenses paid. 

Her unit still today is a TOP TRIP WINNING UNIT REACHING from $800,000 to a MILLION every year since she has been an NSD. 
She has earned nine diamond rings from the company weighing in at over 35 carats.

She earned the title of National Go give for the company in the year 2000, the highest honor in Mary Kay earning the Gold Heart Pendant from the company adorned with Diamonds. This award is not something you can WIN….it is an award voted by your peers  

Her Highest Paycheck in one calendar month was over $33,000 with Bonuses Received that same month. 

She is an International Trainer for the company teaching and motivating women all over the United Kingdom, Scotland & Ireland. She was Pivotal in opening up Mary Kay United Kingdom in 1993 in teaching and training the Sales Force. 

She is a Mary Kay Multi Millionaire earning Millions from her Leadership Prowess. 

Before she retired from her beloved Mary Kay Inc….her area produced over $57 MILLION DOLLARS in RETAIL SALES. 

Something she is so incredibly proud of. Gillian is CLEAR the DOLLAR AMOUNTS SOUND IMPRESSIVE…..but her GOAL LIKE MARY KAY THE WOMAN’S was to CHANGE the LIVE’S OF EVERY SINGLE WOMAN she was BLESSED TO KNOW. Her WIN’S REFLECT 100% THE LIVES WE CHANGED as the Unstoppable Ortega National Area. She is CRYSTAL CLEAR on that and today loves every one of them she was blessed to know and Love on their “Journey” though life together!”

She is a Best Selling Author. Wiley & Son’s one of the Largest Publishers in the USA…..published her book and it is available on 
In the book, Gillian shares with you her journey from Ireland to America in search of the “American Dream” and the women who impacted her success story on her journey. It continues to be a Best Seller today. The title “It’s not where you start, It’s where you finish!” can be purchased at your local book store or on 

The Book has gone Global and is now translated in three languages, Chinese, Vietnamese & Russian.

She is motivated by God’s plan and purpose for her life….she is incredibly FOCUSED about passing on her PASSIONATE DREAM of leaving IRELAND AT THE VERY YOUNG AGE OF 18 IN SEARCH OF THE AMER-ICAN DREAM to women who feel they JUST CAN’T DO IT! 


She has a Deep Appreciation for Mary Kay the “WOMAN” who taught and trained her along with countless others that put her on a trajectory that so many never thought she was capable of. She is so grateful to Mary Kay, her Family and Mary Kay Inc. They are the reason I am the woman I am today. 

“Mary Kay Ash earned a place in history when she stepped out in a man's world to blaze a new path for women. Recognized today as America's greatest FEMALE entrepreneur, Mary Kay created new opportunities for women around the world. Her revolutionary move led to a multibillion-dollar success. In the process, she earned a place in the hearts of millions for her giving spirit, unwavering values and inspiring belief in the power and potential of women.”

One of her Favorite saying’s that has stayed with Gillian her entire life is….

“If one more woman see’s how GREAT SHE IS TODAY, then it has been a GREAT DAY!” Gillian has lived her life on Mary Kay’s Philosophy!

Gillian is Married 38 years this year to her Prince Charming Vince, who is a retired Deputy Chief of the KCMO PD and currently Deputy Director of COMBAT for Jackson County. 

She has one Son Vince Jr. He runs and operates his own company & is one of the TOP 20 Internet Marketing Coaches in the USA. She has a beautiful Grand Daughter Aria Giovanna who is 6 years old; a Grandson Skyler Cruz, who is 4 and little Cute Princes Kahlani Reign who is 11/2 years old! 


Gillian’s PASSIONATE DESIRE is that A DREAM is SPARKED in your heart, so that YOU too will go after YOUR AMER-ICAN Dream. The last four letter’s of American are “ICAN” 
The SalesVision President & CEO
Vincent Ortega Has Created Thousands Of Business Success Stories Through His Guidance & Mentorship
The President & CEO Of SalesVision Has Three Beautiful Baby's That Will Grow Up & Take Over The SalesVision Future...
From The Desk Of Vincent Ortega, 

My baby's are why I give my SalesVision Pro community so much of my blood, sweat and tears every single day.

When I look into my children's eyes, I see my SalesVision Pro communities children's eyes.

When I create my business visions it's with my three baby's future in my mind! 

SalesVision will become a legacy business my children can all take over in the future!

SalesVision has been created with the intentions of becoming a legacy business that even your children, and their children, can be sure they will never have to worry about putting food on the table for their baby's and family.

My children will be "set for life" before I head on up to heaven I can promise you that!
My goal, my mission, my duty here on earth is to make sure that when I "float on up" to "heaven" that I'm leaving legacy wealth for my children.

I will only feel accomplished in this life when I know my beautiful baby's are taken cared of financially "and then some," when it's time for Daddy to finally enjoy his rest in heaven.

I will not stop until 100% complete financial security happens for my children and millions of families around the world, through my training, software and services, that my companies create & produce for my affiliates, clients, customers & loved ones!
The "Request For A Picture"  From Vincent Will Always & Forever Be Welcomed With Loving & Open Arms!
Vincent Has Generated Millions Of Dollars In Sales Through Digital Marketing... 

I have been blessed to generate millions of dollars in sales in pretty much every niche, product and service you could think of over the past decade online.  

My vision for SalesVision is to bring all of my results and marketing skills under "one roof" to create the ultimate digital marketing education center, marketing agency, and sales-funnel software.

My SalesVision is to help every single entrepreneur & business owner in the world start or grow their business online fast.  I have always had this dream that one day I would create a sales-funnel software that would give the "average" - "non-techie" person "the chance" at capturing leads and sales online fast.

I have been tirelessly creating this for over two years now, and it's now finally showing up to the world after thousands of hours of pain, sacrifice and tears.  It was all worth it because we have now created the worlds first sales-funnel that you can setup, implement to begin capturing leads and potential sales in less than 60 seconds after you fill out the free business evaluation application and become accepted into the SalesVision family today!

Vice President, CTO, & Army Veteran
Clifton Hatfield Develops Our  State Of The Art SalesFunnel & Marketing Software!
With Decades Of Coding Experience Clifton Can Create Pretty Much Anything...
Clifton Hatfield has been a software engineer for nearly two decades, building large-scale networks and enterprise level platforms used by millions. Now, he brings all of his energy and talent to SalesVision.

Clifton and Vincent partnered together on previous businesses that have gone on to generate millions of dollars in sales. After selling those businesses, they went on to level up their game for a few years before coming back together and launching SalesVision.

They both have been through it all, the ups the downs, to learn what needs to be in place to create a legacy company that will stand the test of time.

Combining Vincent's vision with Clifton's talent  has created industry-leading sales funnel portal.

It has never been this easy to set up a high converting business funnel to start capturing leads and sales within minutes.
Vice President & CTO Clifton Hatfield is our very own Veteran Hero and served 6 years in the Army.
The SalesVision Vice President Has Two Loving & Caring Boys That He Also Wants To Take Over SalesVision In The Future!
The caption from this facebook photo on Clifton's personal profile of him and his boys chillin' on a Monday morning because Daddy is his own boss and doesn't have to go to work is exactly what we want for you!
Clifton wrote on the post attached with this picture below, "One of those perfect Monday mornings with my boys. Enjoying the fruits of all those sleepless nights developing the SalesVision software that is helping people start and grow their business online fast."
SalesVision Real Estate Sales-Funnels
Your Legacy Wealth Creation Will Begin Inside Of Our Real Estate Education Portal Featuring The Top Real Estate Owners, Brokers & Agents In The World.
Vincent Is Personally Working With The Grace Family To Bring You The Ultimate Real Estate Education Platform Inside Of SalesVision
The Grace Family Owns 250 Homes In Kansas City And Commercial.  Their Total Portfolio Is 25 Million Personally Through Their Family Investment Trust.
The Grace family owns Kansas City's largest full service Real Estate Investment company with over 250 real estate agents, a construction company, and property management company that manages over 100 million in assets close to 700 doors.
Vincent met Pat Grace at the clubhouse of their Staley Farms neighborhood Golf Course 5 years ago.  They talked about business, life, etc, and they both came to the realization they could work together and create some magic by combining Pat's real estate knowledge and Vincent's digital marketing knowledge.

Fast forward 5 years later, Vincent and Pat Grace chat again, Vincent becomes "mind blown" about the numbers Pat is producing in Real Estate, and even more than being "mind blown," Vincent realizes that with all the assets Pat owns, his children are "financially set for life" and that is exactly what Vincent wants for his children and for his SalesVision family children as well!

Vincent thought how can this information be shared so that everyone can begin to create this legacy wealth for their children just like Pat has done for his children? 

So then Vincent begins to figure it all out for you, and now very soon, you will have a Real Estate education portal along with beautiful real estate sales-funnels inside of SalesVision the minute you login.

Do you want to have a chance at being "financially sound" with asset backed investments like real estate?  Sure you do!

Pat Grace children are "financially set" right now due to the Real Estate legacy wealth Pat and his amazing Wife Marta have created for their family.  

Pat personally buys and sells an average of 20 homes per month and Vincent is now documenting the flips of the homes, "kind of like" - "flip this house" type of tv shows.

Vincent has already documented several house flipping case studies that will show you "Realty TV" style "day in the life" of Pat buying, selling, and flipping and homes, netting him a solid 10-20k profits every single time.   

Pat buys homes in the 60k-120k price range, and flips them for 150k+ all day long, netting him an average of 10-20k profit after fixes, and sometimes he'll earn a lot more on flips.

So once again, after Vincent realized that Pat's children are "financially set" due to Pat and his Wife's smart real estate investments, Vincent had to make sure his SalesVision family were able to receive this legacy wealth real estate education as quickly as possible.

This information is so important to share with the world that Vincent is not charging Pat Grace a penny for anything he's documenting, shooting film of, and putting together, because he wants this real estate legacy wealth information in your hands as quickly as possible without money being an issue.

Pat was going to pay the SalesVision digital marketing agency for a sales funnel and marketing for his personal business, but Vincent asked Pat to just partner up and run this real estate education portal and real estate funnels as a business together under the SalesVision brand.

Pat trusts Vincent to share his real estate knowledge  the correct way due to both of their passion of wanting to help families around the world build real, long term, sustainable wealth from buying, selling and investing in real estate.

The great news is that you will receive a lot of this real estate education the minute you dive inside of the apprentice education portal very soon.  We are bringing Pat's Real Estate education inside of SalesVision, along with the ability for you to get direct access to Pat if you are looking to buy, sell or invest into Real Estate.

Vincent is now building a Real Estate Sales-Funnel for the Grace Family and you will get to use this Real Estate funnel  to generate leads & prospects who want to buy, sell or invest into real estate.  Vincent is currently running ads to this right now and will show you exactly who he is targeting, and how he is targeting them.

Vincent will show you how to target people through paid advertising, who are actively looking to buy, sell or invest into Real Estate.  And when you know how to target them, you can then easily deploy this real estate sales-funnel in front of them fast, and you will have access to this funnel very soon.

Every single time you become the connection or referral to the Real Estate education portal platform, SalesVision will give you a commission from the purchase of the brand new SalesVision real estate education customer who buys, sells or invests into Real Estate with the Grace Family.

Vincent will hold a live online event in the near future with Pat Grace and share all of the details with you when the Real Estate sales-funnel is ready.  There are a lot of "legalities" in the real estate world that we need to follow first before we ever deploy any real estate funnels.

We'll always be consulting with our bank and merchant provider before we release anything to the public.  We just want to let you know that if our bank or merchant have an issue with anything we do real estate education wise, or if we are "even close" to a border line situation with anything legal in real estate, we're not going to allow you to use it.

For example, if and when there are situations where "only real estate agents" are allowed to "learn certain information" or "use certain" funnels, then we will make sure the proper documentation is turned in every single time, and ran by our bank and merchant provider first.

All that to say... we are excited to serve your real estate needs, wants and desires through our SalesVision digital marketing agency and sales-funnel software!
Oh... Wait... Did Vincent Tell You That Pat Grace Is One Of America's Top 100 Real Estate Agents!?  Yes He Is!  We Are So Blessed To Learn His Legacy Wealth Real Estate Knowledge!
Brick & Mortar SalesVision
Drive Visitors Into Your Store With Exciting Contests
From Never Running Paid Brick & Mortar Ads... absolutely crushing it with this video you see right here running an exciting contest for his boost mobile store.    Needless to say, this advertisement absolutely crushed it.

Mo, the owner of this boost mobile you see here on this video never ran a facebook advertisement for his promotions and giveaways for his store. So Vincent told Mo to shoot a video and run a facebook advertisement.  

The facebook advertisement that Vincent setup and managed cost only $200 and the results it brought in was over $2,000 in sales the next day.

It also brought 210 brand new leads that didn't even know about Mo's boost mobile store before they saw the ad.
“Here’s A Quick Recap Of What You’re Gonna Get When You Get Started Today...”


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